Passive Electronic Lock in Express

During the pandemic, more and more people choose to shop online. This also makes the number of express delivery more and more, and express companies have to upgrade their own safety equipment to ensure that express delivery can reach customers normally.

For express companies, the biggest problem is how to introduce a new security system, but no need to change the original security system or settings. And this system can also guarantee safety. Because of their huge flow of people and cargo, they are often the top five busiest airports in their country. Large-scale changes will affect the normal operation of the airport.
In the end, the manager chose Vanma smart lock system.


1. Minimal changes
As mentioned before, the airport has a huge flow of people, and too many changes will affect the operation of the airport. Therefore, as few changes as possible are necessary.
2. Permission distinction
Different areas, such as restricted areas and semi-public places, have different access rights. Only employees of the designated department can enter the restricted area.
3. Record
There are records to prevent false accusations among employees. Companies can use objective audit trails as a basis to create a more positive working environment.


1. Vanma passive electronic lock
Although it is a minimal change, the safety will not be reduced. Passive electronic locks only need to replace the original mechanical lock to complete the installation. There is no need for power wiring because the passive electronic lock does not need to install a power supply. It can be powered by the smart key.
2. Flexible authorization
The manager can give the Vanma smart key different permissions. The key with set authority can only open the designated lock. The manager can even set the expiration date of the key according to the employee’s working hours. For example, if an employee goes to work at 9 am and leaves work at 6 pm, the manager can set the key use time period in between. Once it exceeds 6 pm, the key will not have the authority to open any locks.
3. Lock/ Unlock Record
Taking into account the particularity of the courier company, the recording is a very important function. This prevents employees from shirking responsibility. When problems arise, managers can also hold individuals accountable.

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