Padlock and Access Control

The JWM smart lock system provides all the advantages of the access control system, unlike other access control systems, it does not require cabling.The system can be installed in almost any situation. And strictly monitor and track the user access in the same way as the traditional access control system.


There are four reasons for choosing JWM smart lock management system as an access control system:

1.IP68 Padlock

High-security padlocks account for 70% of large projects. This requires the use of robust, durable, dust-proof, and waterproof perfect padlock solutions. The JWM intelligent lock emerges as the times require ,suitable for any environment, waterproof grade IP68.

2.Key Lost

It is very important to control the limits of authority. In the past, if the common mechanical key was lost, it would be necessary to replace the key. But, it is a simple process to blacklist your smart key from a cylinder to prevent it from being able to unlock the lock again.

3.Power Supply

Just think a large project where batteries (more than 1500 lock cylinders) are replaced every 12 months. The smart padlock of JWM has no battery and is powered by a smart key. The smart key is rechargeable, as long as there is a USB interface, it can be charged.


The unlocking record is saved every time when unlocking. This record is stored in both the key and the lock. If an event occurs, such as the loss or handling of a smart key to cover up certain suspicious activities, the event in the lock plays a significant role in helping managers investigate suspicious activities.

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