Overview Of Industrial Applications Of Intelligent Electronic Locks

1. System features

No power electronic lock to achieve intelligence, must have a circuit part. In other words, you have to have electric. The no power electronic lock is designed to have an electrical component. The key has the function of identification, which makes it no power and intelligent. It can be used in harsh environment, which does not need to carry out outdoor maintenance frequently.

2. Application industry

After years of development, the intelligent electronic lock appears different development trajectories in different application environments in different industries. The functions of matching keys and management software are also more detailed.

1) Electric power industry, taking substation as an example, has gradually developed into a five-prevention system, which has become a terminal for error-proof operation. Its main function is to standardize the operation permission and prevent safety accidents. Another application in the power industry is the metrological security of various measuring boxes, which is an intelligent demand to prevent illegal opening of measuring instruments and to prevent theft of electricity.

2)In the communication industry, it is mainly applied in optical handover boxes and other cabinets, whose function is to strengthen management, cooperate with smart keys and management software.

3)the process of transporting valuable or dangerous goods, electronic smart locks can be added to avoid the disadvantages of traditional locks and keys that are easy to be opened.

3. Manage software development

Management software for different industry applications, began to more and more differentiation, customization requirements are also increasing, such as power industry error prevention, remote authorization, remote data synchronization, and so on.

4. Locks and keys

The application place of lock is a lot of outdoors and the environment with very high requirement to lock, to lock dustproof, waterproof, antirust function requirement is higher and higher.

Due to the limitation of lock structure, many advanced functions need to be realized by keys. The subsequent development of keys will be more intelligent, such as: LCD display operation interface, secondary password verification, dynamic password support, remote authorization, fingerprint verification and so on.

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