Optical Delivery Box to Achieve Intelligent Supervision

In each community, we usually can see the communication operator placement in the roadside optical cable handover box, although these ordinary street side cabinet is insignificant, but they are shouldered to protect, connect, dispatch management each factory and mine enterprises, each household use of the main optical cable and branch optical cable role.

Optical delivery box is generally the main dry layer optical cable, distribution layer optical cable to provide optical cable into the end, jump over the handover equipment. Fiber optic cable after the introduction of fiber optic cable transfer box, fixed, end, after the distribution of fiber, fiber jumper will be used to connect the main layer of fiber optic cable and distribution layer of fiber optic cable. It is mainly used for connecting main and branch optical cables in optical cable communication network, terminal, protection, connection and dispatching management of optical cables and optical fibers.

In view of the disadvantages of optical delivery box, such as the large number of “dumb resources”, the exposure and frequent failures, we can check the damage of optical delivery box on the spot, sort out the reasons for the failure one by one, carry out intelligent transformation of optical delivery box, and realize intelligent supervision of optical delivery box.

JWM intelligent lock management system can realize the traditional optical delivery box for intelligent operation management. The system is composed of intelligent bluetooth key, samrt lock and intelligent management system. The electronic key authorized by the management end can be used to strictly control the power of light box switch, and the key will record the time of opening the lock when unlocking, so the responsibility is more clear.

JWM intelligent lock management system is used for the intelligent bluetooth keys and smart lock management.[/fusion_tagline_box]

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