Optical Delivery Box, into the Intelligent Era

China has already entered the era of high-speed information communication, and the rapid development of 5G will further accelerate the rapid development of various industries in China. However, how to ensure the safe and stable operation of information networks has gradually been valued by operators. In particular, the stable operation of the outdoor light-handling box is not only related to ordinary people but also related to the safety and stability of the network used by various enterprises. Difficulties and pain points in the process of O&M management of optical delivery boxes are gradually revealed. Real-time monitoring of operational status is difficult, maintenance and repair records are difficult to effectively manage, fuzzy fault location, and keys are easily lost, a lot of trouble.

How to make optical delivery boxes safer and smarter?

The first problem to be solved is the safety of the optical delivery box. The traditional optical delivery box is installed with an ordinary mechanical lock, which cannot protect the box from being opened technically at the most basic level. The operation department needs new methods to face challenges. The intelligent passive electronic lock, intelligent electronic key and platform management software, and the intelligent lock control management system composed of security, management, and intelligence have been comprehensively solved. The security management problem of the optical delivery box.

In the traditional optical delivery box, the key application process is cumbersome in operation and maintenance, and a large set of keys is also very troublesome to find, resulting in inefficient work scheduling and often delaying the best time for troubleshooting.

The intelligent passive electronic lock does not require power supply and wiring, which completely solves the technical opening problem and greatly guarantees the safety of the optical delivery box. At the same time, each intelligent passive electronic lock has a unique ID, so that all the information of each optical delivery box in the system is detailed in the software. Each intelligent electronic key manages the operating personnel again, recording the name of the personnel, and recording where the lock was opened, and when the lock was closed. All the data is counted through the software, which provides a big data foundation for operation management.

The small optical delivery box is an important link to ensure network operation, and its safe operation directly affects thousands of households. New technologies and new methods are step by step to promote the further development of operational safety, hoping that smart passive electronic locks can be installed on every optical delivery box.

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