Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet Solutions

With the rapid development of China’s communications and operations, the implementation of various policies and measures of the central government and the active promotion of new services such as mobile Internet and IPTV have led to a rapid increase in the total number of outdoor facilities.

The original cable, cable transfer box has been replaced by a large number of optical cable, optical cable transfer box, new optical communication facilities such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, densely between urban and rural. At the same time, the pain points in the operation and management of optical delivery boxes are also gradually revealed. The difficulty in real-time monitoring of operation status, difficult management of maintenance and repair records, unclear fault location, easy to lose keys and other pain points in the industry have caused various troubles to enterprise control and maintenance of optical delivery boxes.

In the face of the changes in maintenance objects and the increase in workload, it is obviously inappropriate to use the traditional method of mechanical door lock control and light delivery, and the management department urgently needs new technical means to meet the challenges.

Nowadays, the promotion and application of smart locks in China has made substantial progress. No matter it is smart home or smart logistics, the convenience, security and connectivity of smart locks in the Internet of things have improved management efficiency, realized cloud control and brought great convenience to people’s lives. Similarly, this technology is also applicable to the management of optical delivery box, and intelligent control can be realized through special network and sensing technology.

In the traditional outdoor light box inspection, the application process of key is complicated, which leads to the low efficiency of work scheduling and often delays the best time of fault treatment. The intelligent lock of passive light delivery box is equipped with bluetooth door opening function, which replaces the traditional key door opening and makes patrol inspection more efficient. After obtaining the permission of unlocking, inspection personnel can open multiple intelligent locks with one key to carry out routine inspection maintenance or trouble shooting, which improves the inspection efficiency.

Inspectors can apply to the administrator for the permission to unlock the lock through the APP. After being approved by the administrator, the smart lock can be opened. Application for permission through APP is not only simple, but also allows the administrator to know exactly when, where and by whom the opto-box device is opened, making the opto-box inspection more secure.

At the same time, the unlocked record can also be uploaded to the management end, so that the management can master the daily management of the area optical delivery box through the network. At the same time, the mobile phone door record can also be used as an assessment of the routine work of the inspectors, to solve the past inspectors workload statistics and other problems.

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