New Substation Cabinet Lock Scheme

As the carrier of electrical products, the cabinet in the mechanical structure provides installation, support, connection, protection, decoration and other functions for the protection and measurement and control equipment in the substation station. As an indispensable part of the cabinet door lock, the cabinet cabinet is used to protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

In view of the above defects, JWM developed by the new cabinet lock scheme, change the traditional mechanical key management in field application for the password and access management: effectively improve the safety of substation protection and control equipment, realize the effective management of operation for operation maintenance personnel, improve the management demand of electric power system, ensure the reliable operation of the equipment within the station.

Intelligent electronic cabinet lock, the lock itself does not need power, so as to avoid wiring operation, the power is set on the key, to avoid frequent maintenance of the lock.

So, the cabinet lock is how to achieve safety unlock? There are two ways to unlock the cabinet lock, one is to reserve authorization to open the lock, the other is to use mobile phone authorization to unlock the lock. Appointment authorization to unlock the lock: the employee needs to brush the work plate to obtain the smart key. At this time, the administrator will give the key the permission to open the lock for a certain period of time. Then, the employee can unlock all the cabinet locks within the permission by the key. Mobile phone authorization to unlock: the employee uses the mobile phone APP to initiate an application for unlock, and the administrator will authorize the unlock in the backstage. After obtaining the permission to unlock, the administrator will unlock the electronic lock, thus completing the whole process of unlock.

JWM intelligent electronic cabinet lock, no matter what kind of way to unlock the lock, all need to be authorized by the administrator, otherwise can not unlock the lock, which is also the advantage of intelligent cabinet lock. The smart cabinet lock adopts hexadecimal 12-digit code, three-layer password and protocol protection, which cannot be cracked at present. In the case of a lost key, the administrator can delete the operation in the backstage, even if someone else found the key can not unlock the lock. And with waterproof, dustproof effect, completely suitable for outdoor installation application. 

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