Need for Access Control Systems in Universities

Security for colleges and universities is a major concern for students, staff, and faculty. From personal safety against assault and robbery to property protection against burglary and damage, universities and colleges face a need for methods to keep everyone on a campus safe. Thus, campuses need to keep classrooms, offices, storage areas, and other rooms locked when not in use whenever practically possible, and they must lock dormitory entries and prevent unmonitored access by anyone other than residents. In other words, universities and colleges need access control systems.


Access control can be as simple as a lock and key, but if these keys get lost or stolen, rekeying the locks becomes expensive and time-consuming, especially when you consider how many locks are on a single college campus. Moreover, keys can easily be copied with as little as a photograph and a 3D printer or a smartphone and a locksmith. Therefore, universities should take a more modern approach to these systems. Here are some things to consider when deciding on an access control system for your university or college.

Having to account for the activity of students, faculty, staff, and visitors on university and college campuses present unique challenges. JWM smart lock system makes it possible to:

1. Manage access for constantly fluctuating schedules.

2. Administer access on an individual or group basis.

3. Have complete, real-time visibility into access activity.

The smart lock system is equipped with a free professional intelligent management platform, through which managers can manage the information of locks, keys, and staff. Who, when, and where to open the lock at a glance, responsibility traced back to the individual. The unlock lock record background is clearly visible, record the real-time upload, backstage to receive and upload (unlock) data in real-time, and efficiently manage the on-site operation information. Support lock record multi-format one-click export, management is easier.

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