Low-cost And High Secure - JWM Intelligent Electronic Lock Solution

JWM intelligent electronic padlock does not need to be equipped with batteries or connected to the network. It can be unlocked by connecting the mobile APP and electronic key via bluetooth.

Furthermore, it is possible to manage remote authorization online and to grant authority levels to specified roles. It can understand the switch records of each lock body in real time and realize more comprehensive and efficient work management. Avoid management risks caused by human negligence.

The intelligent electronic padlock developed by JWM technology combined with the management background of mobile APP can facilitate the secret authorization management of all the security padlocks and improve the management efficiency. At the same time, a key to open all the locks, thoroughly solve the key easy to lose, damage, take the wrong key and so on.

Intelligent lock technology can be quickly integrated into all the security padlock products, major lock factories, solutions can be customized according to the padlock industry common core specifications and standards, in a low-cost way to achieve intelligence, quickly occupy the stock market.

The intelligent electronic padlock introduced by JWM adopts a variety of innovative technologies:
1) no power supply, no Internet connection, no maintenance for life.
2) bluetooth authorization, switch lock recording.
3) intelligent management of APP, which can be managed according to authority level, supports remote online authorization and realizes intelligent management.
4) the lock body is more secure and cannot be unlocked.
5) simple devices, simple system operation, obvious advantages.
6) it can quickly customize products according to the specifications of the universal national standard lock core, and realize intelligence in a low-cost way.

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