Locks To Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

Motorcycle theft is a major headache for motorcycle enthusiasts. Without investment in deterrence, it is likely to happen at some point. Fortunately, there are many ways to provide security for your bike. Locks and security systems come in different types, shapes, sizes, and locking methods, so you can make your own choices to suit your situation.

What are the characteristics of a good motorcycle lock?

Heavy-duty materials

The most important thing about a motorcycle lock is the material. It should not only be durable, but also rust and corrosion resistant.

Portability and ease of use

If the lock is too heavy will affect how often it can be used, using a chain lock at home will be a better choice.

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What types of motorcycle locks are available?

Lever locks

A lever lock needs to be attached to the handbrake of the motorcycle. It ensures that the motorcycle will not roll away. Many riders prefer this type of lock because it is simple, easy and reliable. It is also easier to identify. However, this type of lock is not considered secure, and a thief can simply cut the brake hose and the motorcycle will roll again.

Disc brake locks

Disc brake locks can be attached to your front or rear brake discs. The lock is inserted through a hole in the disc brake and prevents the wheel from turning. Many riders also use them because they are simple and made of high-strength materials. Manufacturers claim they are fire and freeze resistant. Some disc brakes even have alarms and proximity sensors.

Chain locks

Chain locks are the most popular motorcycle locks on the market today. There are two types of chain locks: the first is a combination of a chain and an integrated locking system that can be opened with a key or code.

The second type consists of a chain with six-sided links and an effective bungee ring loop link locking device for attaching a padlock. Make sure the chain links are thick enough to better prevent breakage pliers.

How do the most popular chain locks work?

The more difficult the locking method, the harder it will be for a thief to attack it. Pull the chain as tight as possible and as difficult to access as possible. Your chain and padlock must be kept off the ground to ensure that it will not be easy to attack. If you are in an open field such as a parking lot and should use a ground anchor, try placing the bike under the left side and the motorcycle can lean on the anchor. This will make the attack more difficult. Locks are usually more difficult to attack than chains, and if access is difficult, this can make cracking side longer and theft more difficult.

If you are tired of carrying an overly bulky lock because you bought it, it is better to buy a practical chain lock instead. We recommend the Vanma electronic chain lock, a new type of electronic chain lock that we place the power source on the key, making it impossible for thieves to break while retaining the traditional chain lock usage pattern. Vanma can keep your car safe.

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