Lock with the Most Advantages: Passive Electronic Lock

Now, the locks on the market can be divided into mechanical locks, smart locks, and passive electric locks. Among them, passive electronic locks are rarely known, but it has many advantages that the other locks do not have.

The pros and cons of the three types of locks:

Mechanical Lock:

  • Pros: Cheap; Easy to install
  • Cons: Low security; Insufficient functions to meet the needs of higher quality

Smart Lock:

  • Pros: Diverse types of functions can meet a variety of needs
  • Cons: Expensive; Cumbersome installation
Lock with the Most Advantages Passive Electronic Lock

Passive Electronic Lock:

  • Pros: Safety; Simple operation; Convenient installation; Additional functions
  • Cons: The price is slightly higher than the mechanical lock

Why is the passive electronic lock so good?

  1. Security: Taking the Vanma passive electronic lock as an example, the communication between the key and the lock will be encrypted and cannot be cracked.
  2. Simple operation: Vanma passive electronic locks have the same unlocking methods as mechanical locks, and no password is required.
  3. Easy to install: The difference between a passive electronic lock and a smart lock is that it does not require wiring. The installation process of passive electronic locks is the same as that of mechanical locks. It takes up to two minutes to replace a lock.
  4. Additional functions: Vanma passive electronic locks have multiple functions.
  • Flexible authorization: The administrator can set up in the Vanma system to grant key permissions, including the locks that can be unlocked and when they can be unlocked.
  • Blacklist: After the key is lost, the administrator can add it to the blacklist, and the key will not have the authority to open any locks.
  • Record: There will be a record after the lock is unlocked or locked. These records can be transmitted to the computer through the data cable, and the administrator can view them at any time.

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