Lock Management Solution in Oil Industry

Security in the oil industry faces extreme challenges on all fronts. Chief among these concerns is ensuring the safety of employees and protecting valuable raw materials and equipment from theft. Locks play an important role in this process. However, the following problems usually exist in the oil industry, which put forward higher requirements for the function of the lock:

  • Access security. The gates of the mining and working areas need to be strictly controlled to ensure that no other personnel enter and ensure the safety of employees and assets.
  • Employee management. No matter in mining work or transportation work, there are many mining equipment and transportation equipment that need to be checked regularly to ensure safety, and a management system is required to manage these personnel in a unified manner.
  • Harsh working environment. Dust, humidity, fog, low light, high water flow, flammable gases and extreme temperatures are all common in oil extraction. Therefore the lock must be able to work under these extreme conditions.
oil industry lock solution

Vanma Smart Lock Management System is focused on improve the security, control and operational efficiency to all aspects of your oil business. Our comprehensive range of products and solutions includes the latest in digital encryption technology, electromechanical and mechanical solutions, and the convenience of remote monitoring and mobile access control.

electronic locking system

How does it solve the above problems?

Setting Permission

Vanma Smart Lock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. It can only be unlocked by the smart key of employees that have unlocking permission.

Record Unlocking and Locking Data

When the employees unlock the smart lock, the smart key can record unlocking data and locking data, including person, time and lock ID. Manager can view the data to confirm their work status, whether there are missing equipment not checked. It can also be used for accountability in the event of an accident.

IP68 Grade

Vanma lock cylinder use 304 stainless steel, completely waterproof. It can work at temperatures from -40°C to 70°C and humidity from 20% to 97%. 


When the key is lost, people can add it to the blacklist, even if someone picks up the key, the lock can’t be unlocked.

Strong and durable

Vanma lock corrosion resistance standard with an IP68 rating to guarantee maximum protection. And it can work normally even in rainy and snowy weather.

Lock Reminder

Vanma locks do not require power wiring, and the installation process is the same as mechanical locks, saving time and being more cost-effective.

Tailor-made solutions

In order to avoid potential security risks caused by not locking, the Vanma smart lock system has designed a function of locking reminder. If the lock is not locked for a long time, Vanma Lock APP will receive an alarm message to remind the employees which lock is not locked,  and then they can lock it in time.

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