Key Management Is Simplified, But More Secure

How important are the responsibilities of the water group? They usually need to provide drinking water for millions of people. In addition, the water group also needs to provide wastewater and sewage treatment services for communities in the surrounding areas. Once the water group has problems, millions of people will be affected. Therefore, the safety management of the water affairs group is extremely important.

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What challenges will be faced?

Most water groups have thousands of rural assets in remote locations, so they must ensure that they reached the required standards. As we all know, water facilities are difficult to fix. Peripheral doors and external cabinets need padlocks, and steel cylinders are used for process distribution and storage facilities. This is why the new security system requires the following conditions:
Restrict access rights to certain areas.
High-security solution for dispersed sites.
After the key is lost, it cannot unlock any locks.

Vanma’s solution:
These water groups will find the solution with Vanma smart lock system, which seamlessly integrates electronic and mechanical locking technology. Individual access rights ensure both the security of the sites in dispreading areas and the efficiency of operations.
Remote authorization management is realized through the connection of Bluetooth and mobile phone APP, and the electronic key sets the authority through the system software to open the designated door lock and simultaneously performs the functions of data exchange and storage of management information. Compared with other systems, Vanma smart lock system is more intelligent.

“Our new key system allows us to grade keys and control access so that individuals that only need to access certain assets can have a particular level of key, and other employees can have a higher level where required. Other benefits include increased general security, as we can control who can order locks and keys.”

Vanma’s benefits:

  • Cuts down the number of keys carried by individual employees or contractors.
  • Adding convenience without compromising on security.
  • Simplifying the locking system and key management, when all products can be operated with just a single key.
  • Blacklist function, don’t worry about losing the key. Because after adding the blacklist, the key will not have the ability to unlock any locks.

“The good thing about the new system is that it is versatile and flexible because we can use the one key for every site we go onto. The locks are also durable and open in all weather conditions.”

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