Key Areas in the Airport That Need Access Control

Nowadays, taking an airplane is one of the important ways for us to travel, so airport safety is very important. There are a large number of people coming in and out of the airport every day. It is essential to use an access control system to keep unauthorized or dangerous people out of important departments.


Areas That Need Key Protection

In airports, Vanma smart locks need to protect various critical and sensitive areas. There are several common restricted areas at the airport. Only authorized personnel can enter these restricted areas, including:

  • Tarmac: the purpose is to avoid hindering take-off or landing procedures.
  • Hangar: the purpose is to prevent the aircraft from being tampered with.
  • Data center: sensitive information is usually stored here.
  • Traffic control tower: manages the flow of aircraft and the baggage area. The baggage area is the main target of terrorists or smugglers, and the release protection measures are very important.
In addition, the boarding/disembarking area is also a sensitive area for access control, because it is part of the airport border control work, and it is very important to isolate arriving and departing passengers.

The Role of Vanma Smart Lock

1. Flexible authorization

This is the core function. The flow of people at the airport is relatively large, and the composition of the staff is also relatively complex. It is especially important to limit them to the area where they should be. The manager of the airport can make settings in the system, and the key without permission will not be able to unlock the smart padlock.
Flexible authorization

2. One key unlocks multiple locks

Sometimes there is more than one door in an area. Vanma smart lock allows staff to unlock all the doors in the area with just one key, which is more convenient.

3. Blacklist

In the past, after the key was lost, the manager would replace the door lock for safety reasons, which undoubtedly increased the cost. After using the Vanma smart padlock, there will be no such troubles. The manager only needs to add the lost key to the blacklist, and the key in the blacklist will not have the authority to unlock any locks.

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