JWM Electronic Lock Intelligent Substation Security Patrol Program

Analysis of the situation:
In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, the electronic network scale expanding, according to the principle of efficiency, security, and stability, adjust measures to local conditions, innovation production management mode, business process optimization adjustment, rational allocation of manufacturing resources, to enlarge the core business, perfecting the system of standards, the implementation of maintenance centralized management, prevent security risks, improve power supply reliability, enhance the level of professional management is imminent.

However, the following problems still exist in the current substation management:

(1) The unattended substation has become an inevitable trend of development and cannot guarantee safe operation.
(2) Manual reporting of patrol results is inefficient and prone to errors.
(3) There are various safety problems in the operation of the equipment in the substation system.
(4) In the substation system, the equipment of each manufacturer is used together, and the key cannot be effectively managed.
(5) Low level of operation and maintenance employees.

Because the security patrol of smart substation takes safety and efficiency as the ultimate goal, problems are found in advance through various patrol methods, timely feedback and arrange employee to be on duty on-site, so as to build a safe and reliable substation.

Technical key:
Adopt the most advanced JWM electronic lock system, the innovation of mechanical and electronic modules are used in all kinds of lock, simple and convenient to transform the traditional mechanical lock and upgraded to intelligent electronic locks, unified authorization by informatization, to protect assets, supervision of staff, and maintain records for the query, to adapt to the application of various occasions.

The intelligent electronic lock needs to be precise machining, a high degree of encryption chip and external communication interface, combined with security, convenience, general and intelligent requirements to achieve a complete design suitable for different sizes, different types and different environments.

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