Is Your Oil Plant Safe?

The world economy cannot do without oil and gas. To be able to continuously create value, critical processes need to run continuously without interruption. And many of these processes rely on security. If the oil plant does not have a complete safety protection, it will be coveted by many people, which will bring immeasurable losses to the managers.

Oil and Gas has a wide range of businesses including refineries, distribution and retail, storage, transportation, exploration and drilling. Precisely because there are so many departments, there is no way for managers to build factories in urban centers, often in remote suburbs. Even scattered in different corners of the city. This also brings enormous difficulties to management.

oil plant

To ensure the safety of oil plants to provide a continuous and secure supply of oil and gas, managers have adopted Vanma smart locks and benefited from the following solutions:

  • Waterproof and windproof. The Vanma Smart Lock is IP68 rated to stay safe in all weather. It works fine from -40℃ to 70℃. And because of its excellent waterproof ability, the Vanma smart lock will not be affected whether it is raining or snowing.
  • Authorize timed visits by employees and contractors.
  • Delete lost or stolen keys.
  • Conduct an audit trail. Managers can understand who opened which locks at what time.
  • One key opens multiple locks. Before the adoption of Vanma smart locks, all employees were required to carry multiple keys and may have to try several times before unlocking. This is a burden for employees with high functional authority. With Vanma smart locks, employees can open multiple locks with just one key, instead of having to carry multiple keys with them.

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