Is Your Lock Really Secure?

The 21st century is a world of Internet of things and intelligence, and social security issues are increasingly prominent. Traditional security management methods can no longer meet the needs of current users. Security equipment is a common lock on a variety of doors, the key to lock safety is the lock core and key.


Power, communications, water, public security, gas, finance, and many other industries users, a variety of doors need to be controlled, such as machine room, communication base station, warehouse, railway maintenance doors, private office areas; In terms of public facilities, all kinds of boxes and cabinets have security loopholes, such as distribution boxes, communication boxes, coin boxes, cash boxes, containers, monitoring boxes, equipment boxes, and other boxes. Mechanical key class does not prevent private matching, who opened the door completely no record traceable; There are more keys than doors, and key management is time-consuming and laborious.

JWM lock series (intelligent electronic locks) integrates microelectronics microcontroller, avoided like traditional mechanical lock or seal opened by technology, lock core metal part is made of stainless steel material, the internal chip adopt closed technology, full metal jacket, strong and durable, can adapt to the outdoor applications such as waterproof, dustproof, prevent damage requirements, protection grade IP68. Thus put an end to other malicious lock behavior, put an end to the destruction of the important equipment in the industry box, effectively ensure the normal operation of the industry system equipment.

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