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Is Your Electronic Lock Really Safe?

Is Your Electronic Lock Really Safe?

Do you often worry about your guard opening the lock of the cabinet without authorization? Do you want to control every unlock of the person? Do you want to record the status of the lock every time when you unlock it? Do you want to see the records of staffs unlock in real time? An amazing Intelligent Electronic Bluetooth Key System could meet all your requirement. Let me introduce its advantage for you.
intelligent padlock

One Key Unlock Multiple Locks

A key opens many locks. Our electronic key can realize one key to open many different types of locks, realizing cost savings and making your unlocking safe and cost-effective.

Triple Protection, Protect Your unlocking Safety

Electronic key + APP + SoftwareTask

If you want to unlock, you must set up a task on software to set up who and when could unlock. Then The guard need take both mobile phones with APP and an electronic key, the key could unlock after matching with special APP.

More Information, Multiple ways of querying

You could take a photo when you unlock and lock. You could check the unlock report via company name/time/lock name/guard name/site/key ID. Meanwhile, you could receive alert data timely if your unlock is dangerous.


JWM Intelligent key not only works with lights/ voice and buzzer triple prompt but also possesses protection of over-suppress, anti-lightning, and electrostatic prevention. The intelligent key has the special and delicate appearance which dropped traditional style of key. With the great intelligent key, it achieved intelligent and scientific management for staff.


Every intelligent lock has one the intelligent lock cylinder. And the intelligent lock cylinder is the most important and special part which is existed in unique lock code. With this unique code, the intelligent lock works more reliable and safer than another lock device.


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