Is There an Effective Transport Security Lock to Improve Road Transport?

In recent years, the risk of theft worldwide has been increasing day by day. The cargo transportation process is the weakest link in the whole supply system, and cargo theft in transit is the most urgent issue facing the transportation industry today. Cargo owners and carriers, as well as insurance companies, are placing increasing demands on the security and monitoring of the transportation industry.

So, how to avoid being a target and reduce the chance of theft?

1. First of all, to secure your goods, you need to use locks with higher security features. A lock that thieves cannot open and cannot break is needed. 2.
2. Second, human control of this transportation process. This means that when the lock needs to be opened, the person with the lock will be given permission to open the lock, and when it is not needed, the lock will always remain closed.

Vanma Passive Transport Security Lock for you to protect the protection.
(mechanical lock + smart key + management software )

1. Highest Security Standards

A system is assigned a unique security code, which is recorded in both the lock and the key, as well as in the software. Once a key-to-lock or key-to-software communication operation is performed, both parties need to verify the security code in both directions and pass it before proceeding, and it cannot be copied during the entire communication process.

2. Prevent Damage

01 Passive lock with full metal housing, strong and resistant, and IP68 waterproof, shockproof.
02 Passive electronic lock integrated with a miniature electronic microcontroller, only two metal contacts on the lock hole, the current technology can not be forced to open. And there is no mechanical hole on the lock surface, eliminating the human malicious unlocking behavior.

3. Authorization and Supervision

01 Customize multiple role permissions. For example cargo owners, transportation companies, insurance companies, drivers, etc. Set operation authority for users at each level separately to prevent overstepping operations.
02 Assign unlocking authority to the key according to the need of unlocking management. The key can be unlocked only after it is authorized. After the lock opening and closing operation, you can view the lock opening and closing records, including the user who opened the lock, the date and period of opening the lock, and the responsibility traced back to the individual.
03 Different departments can manage their departmental users and locks independently of each other, and each department can also be managed independently in turn downward.


To meet the needs of different logistics and vehicles, we have designed several locking models for you to choose from. All lock models are functionally identical.
Crimes on the road cause millions of dollars worth of damage. With a secure solution, the risk of cargo victims being stolen is reduced. It also gives the driver a feeling of greater security.

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