Is There A Security Universal Electric Meter Key?

The power system is an important infrastructure of a country. The security of the power system is especially important. But with the continuous upgrading of the power system, there are more and more distribution boxes and meter boxes. At the same time, the management of these devices is becoming more and more difficult. And we often face many problems.

  • Poor security, more and more theft
  • Unable to manage meter boxes all over the country
  • Unable to supervise the inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • There are many keys, the security is low, and it is inconvenient to manage
Meterbox Locks
Is there a secure, universal, easy-to-manage meter box key?
Vanma Smart Lock Management System could solve these problems.

One key unlocks multiple locks
One electronic key can open multiple locks according to the unlocking authority assigned by the administrator. One key can unlock up to 10,000 locks.
Complex unlock code
The electronic key has a unique 64-bit ID identification code in the world and cannot be copied. The electronic lock integrates a miniature electronic single-chip microcomputer. There are only two metal contacts on the lock surface without mechanical holes, which avoids being unlocked by technology like traditional mechanical locks.

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Authority management
According to management needs, managers can set the unlocking authority for different people and unlocking time, this can greatly protect the safety of the power facilities.
Record Lock/Unlock Information
The electronic key has the function of storing information and can record the action and time information of each unlock/ lock. Managers could check the unlock report in software to monitoring maintenance staff’s work situation.

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