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Is There a Key That Opens All Padlocks?

Is There a Key That Opens All Padlocks?

Every organization wants to maintain the safety of its employees, cargo, and facilities. The most useful and efficient way to protect your company’s physical security is to use a lock and key. Many businesses choose to use a master key system because it can provide advanced access to employees and stakeholders who need to open many doors while simplifying day-to-day key management. And more and more companes start to use smart padlock with key to replace the traditional master key system.

master key system

What is a master key system?

A master key system consists of master keys, locks, users, and a hierarchy. In this system, different keys correspond to different unlocking authorities. Often, one master key can open multiple doors. Managers can meet the access rights requirements of the entire area by carrying a master key, which reduces the number of keys they carry with them and facilitates key management for managers.

In a master key system, keys are divided into the following four levels:
Great Grand Master Key
This is the highest authority key in the entire master key system. Very few people have this key because having it gives access to the entire organization, including individual facilities, locations, gates, etc. The more people who have the key, the higher the security risk.

Grand Master Key
A small number of stakeholders within an organization have a grand master key, which has higher access than a general master key, often opening doors to multiple sites.

Master Key
A master key can open all locks below it in the system but cannot unlock the locks which need high-level access. Generally speaking, the master key holder is usually the area manager who can open all locks on the facility in the area but does not have permission to access other locks outside the zone.

User Key
These keys do not have advanced access rights and are usually only associated with a single lock. Therefore, managers usually assign user keys to ordinary employees to meet the needs of employees to unlock storage rooms or other door locks.

Master Key System Security

The master key system can assign keys with different access rights to employees according to different unlocking requirements, which not only saves the trouble of regenerating keys but also greatly improves the efficiency of collaborative work.
The master key system also has certain security risks:

  •  In the event of loss or theft of the Advanced Master Key, a complete rekeying of one or more facilities may be required.
  •  The key holder can access it at any time, even during non-working hours.
  •  When a security accident occurs, there is no operation record, and the responsible person cannot be tracked.

Vanma Smart Padlock With Key

smart padlock with key

Vanmalock is an smart electronic lock and key access control system, composed of electric keys, passive locks, and management software. Managers can access to employees during working time When employees open the lock by using electronic keys, all operating records will be preserved. Managers can view the record in real time. If the key is lost, the key can be added to the blacklist, and no lock can be opened.

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