Is Substation Box often Opened? Smart Electronic Locks Help You Solve Problems

With the continuous development of society, social security situation is getting better and better, however, outdoor distribution box stolen case still happen, on the one hand, substation box lock can’t meet the requirements of equipment, caused the thief can easily open the substation box. On the other hand, some maintenance personnel do not lock the door according to the regulations after opening the box to check the equipment, and it is often difficult to hold the key accountable after the key is copied.

There are cases of electric boxes being stolen all over the country. The thieves just want to steal part of the metal in the electric boxes and damage the public property by force. In addition, the sudden power failure will cause the traffic lights to be stopped suddenly and the residents’ life to be seriously affected. Such behavior at the expense of others should be severely punished by law. In addition, can also be through the strengthening of protective measures to put an end to the occurrence of this situation. Smart electronic locks are a good solution.

This smart electronic padlock, model WM-2000S1, is composed of a lock beam, lock body, and lock core. Although the shape is similar to the ordinary padlock, the function is much more powerful. The power smart lock is composed of electronic lock, smart key, and management software. The electronic lock does not need to set the power supply, but the power supply and identification module required by the intelligent electronic lock are transferred to the intelligent key. The electronic lock is powered by the intelligent key, and the intelligent key and the electronic lock are checked for information and password, thus opening the electronic lock. Electronic intelligent lock combines the features of a small mechanical lock, low cost and no maintenance with the functions of electronic lock encryption and recognition, which meet the needs of high reliability, high security, information and intelligence of power distribution box locks.

At present, locks on the market are divided into four grades from low to high: A class, B class, B+ class and super B class, among which super B class locks have the highest security level. It can not only guarantee the safety of power equipment and prevent the theft of electricity, but also effectively prevent the illegal operation of power personnel and serve users more quickly, thus providing scientific basis for power decision-making. It is a super cost-effective passive electronic lock that realizes the concept of “Internet + lock” management.

JWM electronic lock has been applied in the southern power grid Guangdong Daya bay nuclear power plant and Shandong province power company Binzhou power supply company and more and more industries have chosen to apply this intelligent electronic lock.

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