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Is It Necessary to Install Smart Mailbox Cam Lock?

Is it Necessary to Install Smart Mailbox Cam Lock?

Although the current network is very developed, many letters can be sent in the form of e-mail. But when the letter contains objects (such as bank cards, credit cards), postal services are essential. And many companies still mail letters to verify credit card bills. But maintaining mailbox security is very difficult. Taking New Zealand as an example, postbox security will be challenged as follows:
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1. New Zealand Post cannot determine when the postman will collect the mails. Because they should collect the mail multiple times a week. Only in this way, the letter be guaranteed to arrive on time.

2. Security was also a concern. If the key lost, all the locks should be replaced in that route. But there are 20-30 mailboxes on this line. Once replaced, it will not only take a long time but also cost a lot of money. It also poses a threat to the safety of residents’ letters.

Therefore, they need a smart lock system that can view the unlock records, and does not need to spend a lot of money when the key is lost.

Vanma Smart Lock System Necessity

In this case, the Vanma smart lock system is in line with the requirements of the postal company. Because it has the following functions:

Flexible Authorization

Administrators can authorize electronic keys via smart lock management software, and determine when smart key can open which locks. Meanwhile, people cannot open the electronic lock at unauthorized times, even if they have a key. This greatly ensures the security of unlocking.
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Fingerprint Authentication Unlock

With fingerprint authentication, you could know who unlock/lock, you never worry about that others unlock with this key. Can save 100 groups fingerprints, and <0.02s Verification Speed.
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Blacklist Function

You don’t need to worry about key losing. Because there is a blacklist function in it. You could add lost key into the blacklist, and this key will not unlock any lock more.
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