Intelligent Lock Security Management System Of China Railway West Bureau

In recent years, with the deepening of China’s high-speed railway construction, as a modern transportation network, the management framework characterized by group operation, intensive development, lean management, and standardized construction has been basically formed. The field operation and maintenance management of railway works is becoming more and more difficult, and the safety management of high-speed railway closed protection net is becoming more and more difficult. How to ensure the safe operation of high-speed railway and the personal safety of on-site operators is a big headache for managers.

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1. The traditional lock unlocking method cannot confirm the identity of the operator, nor can it control and record the process of unlocking. The key is either a universal key, which cannot be controlled after being lost, or it is easy to be copied. Once it is obtained by illegal personnel and damaged by equipment, it will bring unpredictable hidden dangers to the safety of railway production

2. Important railway equipment shall be inspected and maintained regularly so as to ensure the safe operation of the railway. As the railway equipment is too scattered, there may be a lack of pipeline supervision, and the on-site supervision of equipment personnel is not in place. Once the equipment is missed, security risks may not be found, and security risks are virtually increased.
3. It is difficult to achieve effective management by using traditional locks in the work of a railway closed protection net. The situation of entering the network to work within the period of time without permission cannot be effectively controlled so that the personal safety of operators is threatened.

In order to strengthen the effective management of locks to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. In January 2016, the electric service department of xi ‘an bureau, together with Shaanxi west railway electric engineering co., LTD. And JWM high-tech development co., LTD established the project team and completed the development and development of “intelligent lock safety management system” after hard research, demonstration, and development.

Intelligent lock security management inspection system is to receive and store information from inspection terminals, process data requests from each terminal and send system commands

First inspection personnel need to connect the phone via BlueTooth and intelligent electronic key, and then through the mobile phone app review to managers send unlock access, access to a temporary switch need to open the passive electronic locks, electronic key after shut will record the unlock information and switch lock time, after the inspection personnel in the use of electronic key to electronic key to upload data to the computer through the wires, the intelligent inspection system will record the unlock all of the information, and draw into the inspection report.

This system combined with the focus of safety work in the field of railway operation, formed an effective control over the equipment inspection, standardized the use of keys, improved the supervision efficiency, solved the trouble caused by key loss or duplication, and realized the informationization management of railway equipment and field operation safety. The system consists of three parts: passive electronic lock (patrol lock), electronic key and management software. The software part adopts B/S structure and supports mainstream browsers and APP operation. Through the authorization of the electronic key, the management system can realize the opening, locking, real-time monitoring of the passive electronic lock and the information query of the switch and lock, etc., which can realize the opening of multiple passive inspection locks with one electronic key (according to the authorization). The system can be used not only for the scientific management of the inspection work but also for the key gate (equipment) lock control management, for the railway safety production added a strong guarantee.

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