Intelligent Lock App Instructions

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1. Start The APP

Find the icon in the red picture frame in the menu, click the icon of “intelligent lock management system”, and enter the login interface of the intelligent lock management system.

2. Login system
You need to set the server address for the first time to use the App. Click the setting button to enter the scan QR code interface, and scan the QR code on the BS software login interface. Enter the “account” and “password” set by the software to log in to the software. After logging in again, the system will automatically retain the last login account.

3. The Main Interface Of The System
The main interface of the system includes my tasks, work records, registration keys, and system parameters.

First, open the smart electronic key, and the mobile phone system will enter the Bluetooth scanning interface. When the electronic key is found, the interface will have a blue Bluetooth key. When the App is connected to the electronic key and the communication is successful, the interface will have a green Bluetooth icon. Click the corresponding Bluetooth key to enter the interface below. Click the registration button to prompt for data submission. Complete the entry of Bluetooth keys.

First of all, I will take out the electronic key at the PC terminal. After taking out, I will have a specific lock for my task. Click to select the lock you want to open to enter the interface below. Click the electronic key to enter the unlock interface. Unlock with Bluetooth key.

Click the work record button to select the date. After selecting the date, click the submit button to see the specific unlocking record.

Click the system parameters button to display the device number and server address.

  • 4.1. Change the password
    Click the change password button, enter the original password, confirm the password with the new password, and finally click change password. Password change successful.
  • 4.2 Check and update
    Click the check update button to check whether the software is the latest version.

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