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What's Wrong with Losing Keys?

When people have privacy, they have locks and keys. But what do you do if the key is lost? Are you worried about your belongings being stolen? Are you worried about your privacy being discovered? So what key solution do we have?
We found that if the key of the warehouse is lost, a lot of precious items will be lost; the loss of the key of the bank ATM machine may cause a major theft case; the loss of the key of the computer room may cause the problem of data leakage.

intelligent key solutions
intelligent key solutions

What About Other Types of Locks?

But losing keys is an unavoidable problem.
The traditional key can only be responsible for one lock, so the loss of one key represents the paralysis of the entire system.If it is a traditional mechanical lock, after losing the key, the manager needs to replace the lock and reissue the key to the relevant personnel. All keys associated with this lock are no longer secure and cannot be used. Not only is it time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it is also prone to errors.There is also a smart lock. When the key is lost, the lock does not need to be replaced, but all the locks need to be removed and reprogrammed.

intelligent key solutions

Vanma Intelligent Key Solutions

Now you don’t have to worry anymore, because now you have us–Vanma Smart Electronic Lock System.

Vanma Intelligent Key Features

*Blacklist Function
The solution of the Vanma smart lock is much more convenient than the above two. When the key is lost, the administrator only needs to add the lost key to the blacklist, and then use a blank key for information transfer. After completing the above operations, the lost key will not have permission to open any locks.

*One Key to Open Multiple Locks
In addition, the Vanma electronic key can be responsible for multiple locks, and users no longer need to carry a large number of keys to open the door. Block lost keys, all locks are safe.

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