Intelligent Electronic Lock Cabinet Lock Principle

Electronic cabinet lock is a widely used in industrial field safety management of all kinds of cabinets lock, retain the original mechanical lock properties under the condition of the embedded intelligent lock core, realizes the perfect replacement, fully functional, installation fast, do not need to provide the power and network, in view of the old cabinet function upgrade, intelligent management of the new cabinet lock, has the advanced technology, the lock records available to check at any time, know the cabinet put oneself in another’s maintenance situation in a timely manner.

Overview of cabinet lock performance:

Material: zinc alloy
Information storage: hexadecimal 12 – bit code, three-tier password and protocol protection
Temperature range: -60℃~+80℃
Weight: 540 g
Size: 160 mm×35 mm×45 mm
Power consumption: the static current is 0 μA,the working current is 10mA
Application: communication base station, cabinet body in the machine room, communication cable connection box body, power distribution cabinet, etc.

Electronic cabinet lock can be set according to the order of unlock, play a logical lock function. Cabinet lock is suitable for all kinds of temperature, humidity, rain, dust, acid and alkali more extreme use environment. The installation of cabinet lock does not need wiring. There is no power supply in the cabinet lock. The power comes from the key.

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