Intelligent Electronic Lock Becomes a Communication Base Station Firewall

With the progress of science and technology, all walks of life have put forward higher requirements for safety management. Communication base stations have been safety work is the focus of the major telecom operators and military departments, since then, and to the communication security problem, the department often set up a strict management system in and out of the base station, but in spite of this, because traditional the security of the key and lock is too low, lead to base station equipment stolen or be placed on the outlaws pseudo base station equipment things happen frequently, for communication base station equipped with high level of security “firewall”, to become the key to protect the safety of the base station. The emergence of intelligent electronic lock brings a good solution.

So what is? The intelligent electronic lock is unlocked through the remote lock function provided by mobile phone APP and management background. It is a kind of maintenance-free electronic lock with the highest reliability, the most energy-saving and environmental protection. It is the best choice for intelligent upgrading of industrial cabinets.

Now many of the base stations has been trying to adopt integrated electronic lock solution application solutions, it is understood that this scheme can use “1 = 1 set of management software the intelligent key + N the electronic lock + mobile phone APP” mode, focus on personnel management, is an important means to strengthen the management of the base station, can provide powerful guarantee for base station operation safety.

Compared with traditional locks, the intelligent electronic lock application scheme has multiple advantages. In addition, the key cannot be copied. The smart key is just the carrier for key transmission. Even if it is lost, there is no need to worry about it. It will automatically record the lock time and data, problems can be accurate to someone, greatly increasing the security of the base station.

In order to enhance the security of the use of an intelligent electronic lock, users can also be set in the background in non-business hours that can not be opened.

JWM intelligent electronic lock, no matter what kind of way to open the lock, all need to be authorized by the administrator, otherwise unable to open the lock, this is also the advantage of intelligent electronic lock. The smart electronic lock USES hexadecimal 12-digit code, three layers of password and protocol protection, and is currently uncrackable. In the case of key loss, the administrator can delete the operation in the background, even if someone else picked up the key can not open the lock, is internationally recognized security level of the highest b-level lock, the security factor is very high. Therefore, the use of this smart lock solution in the communication base station is equivalent to the base station to erect a layer of protective wall, effectively avoid the theft of equipment, staff to equipment and data modification and other situations.

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