Innovative Solutions of Data Center Security

Security Challenges for Data Centers

Protecting digital assets is of the utmost importance to companies globally.With over 2.5 billion data centers worldwide, this crucial data has needs that go beyond cyber protection, it now requires adequate physical security. Protect your server rooms and colocations by retrofitting existing door and server rack hardware with a JWM electronic lock.Through our software, a system administrator can program entry permissions to each individual employee’s smart key, allowing access to the server room or racks at permissible times.

JWM smart lock features

Control and Schedule Access
Using the management software, permissions for each lock and key can be changed effortlessly, enabling immediate and precise control over access to all entry points. Smart keys are programmed with a schedule to unlock one, several, or all locks in the system within a designated time frame.

Easy Installation
Different models adapt to multiple sizes of locks, to retrofit into a variety of access points, including doors, server racks, cabinets and more. JWM cylinders retrofit directly into existing hardware, making installation quick and seamless.

Eliminate Duplication Concerns
Our smart lock employs unique access codes that Mutual verification of lock and key, meaning smart key are not susceptible to mechanical duplication like traditional master keys.

How it Works: A Simple Step-by-Step Process

Step 1
Replace existing mechanical cylinders with a programmed smart cylinder. Each smart cylinder is an electronic version of a standard mechanical lock cylinder. Installation is as simple as removing the original cylinder and replacing it with a JWM smart cylinder. Installation requires neither wiring nor batteries, making it quick and easy.

Step 2
Assign a smart key to a user. Keys are programmed with access privileges for each user. A standard key holds a list of locks the user may unlock, with a schedule of days and times when access is allowed.

Step 3
Access locks. When a smart key meets a smart lock, the cylinder is energized and an information exchange occurs to determine if the key has access to that specific cylinder. The event and time is stored in both the lock and key. Lock cylinders and keys also record when an unauthorized attempt to unlock a lock occurred.

Step 4
View audit trail. Management data is generated by software. To view audit reports and notifications of suspicious activity in the software.

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