In 2020, High Security Electronic Locks Will Be a Must For Managers

With the development of science and technology, people demand more and more electricity, but every year because of the circuit caused by electric shock and short circuit caused by large and small fire accidents are not a few, so the circuit safety in our life is very important.

Heard of distribution box for the daily maintenance of the construction site, the switch of each record need to be record, to ensure that the electrical outlet and inlet line of the bottom not chaotic, the inside without sundry, promised to do complete brake with intact, need regular inspection on the electrical box, but need to record every time, trouble, but also easy to fraud, by way of paper records administration to staff to achieve the effective regulation, safe and even a security guarantee for the whole project.

It is understood that at present the high security electronic lock as an international emerging technology, involved in the enterprise is not much, and its unique electronic and mechanical double encryption and idling lock core technology, stand out. JWM intelligent electronic lock has been realized: unlock identity identification, record unlock information, smart key authorization management, smart key access to open all locks, cabinet inspection function, location map display and other functions.

The construction site can be completely through the passive electronic lock on the maintenance of electrician and record instead of the original traditional recording, scientific recording can not only save the time of recording data and sorting data, and the inspection lock system has no possibility of fraud, the time will be accurately recorded. With rigorous scientific means of management for safe construction, there should be no managers will refuse.

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