How to Use 2000B Series Intelligent Electronic Locks?

Security issues in the retail industry can cost companies billions of dollars each year. Risks in the retail industry usually appear in two areas: data breaches and physical theft. In order to properly protect your business, you must first understand the risks involved.

1) System Installation

Install Intelligent lock management system software in the management center, connect the supporting equipment (card reader), set up the system administrator and assign the administrative rights of each area.

2) Collect The Lock ID And Input It Into The System

The ID of the intelligent electronic lock in the field is collected by the electronic key, uploaded to the management software by the card issuer (NFC communication), and the name of the lock is defined according to the installation location.

3) Bind Electronic Keys

Set up the list of users, set up the list of users’ keys, and use the corresponding binding electronic key.

4) Assign (Use Personnel) Unlock Lock Permissions

According to the management requirements, select and confirm the time period of the use of personnel’s switch locks and the corresponding locks. At the same time, it is downloaded to the bound electronic key through the card issuer.

5) Unlock Lock Log

Inspector carry intelligent electronic key personnel to the job site (such as power plant equipment cabinet, transformer substation), after contact with the electronic key inspection electronic lock, lock lights flashing, electronic key work, and work to power a electronic lock locks, through key authentication, turning the key to open the lock, electronic key to record unlock state at the same time, failed to pass the key authentication, unable to open the lock. When the work is finished, take the electronic key back to the management center, upload the recording information in the electronic key to the management software through the card issuer, and generate a log. The manager can check the working status of the personnel bound by the key to the manager’s centralized assessment and management.

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