How to Strengthen the Safety Management of Power Supply?

Strengthen the implementation of the safe Production responsibility system in power supply stations:

The safety production responsibility system is an important part of the post responsibility system and economic responsibility system, the core of various safety production rules and regulations, and the most basic safety system. In order to arouse the enthusiasm and subjectivity of the staff at all levels in the field of product safety, the responsibilities and responsibilities that the staff at all levels should perform are clearly stipulated. Work together to achieve the safe production target of the power supply station, so that the power supply station will not occur in the whole year serious injury or more personal injury accidents, not major and more power grid, equipment, fire, and traffic accidents, not major social impact blackout accidents, to ensure the safety of people, power grid, equipment.

Strengthen the education and training of production safety and improve the safety awareness of employees:

The current power supply station has diversified personnel structure, low level of education of personnel at all levels, continuous application of new equipment and new products, and the technical level cannot meet the requirements of daily operation, maintenance, and management. It is one of the important reasons for the high safety accidents of power supply stations. It is necessary to strengthen the safety education and training of personnel at all levels, put an end to the illegal command, operation, and labor discipline, and put an end to the illegal, paralyzed, and irresponsible thoughts.

Strengthen the management and inspection of safety instruments:

Appearance inspection shall be carried out before the use of safety appliances, including whether the insulation part is cracked, aged, the insulation layer falls off, whether the fixed joint part is loose, rusted or broken, etc., and if there is any doubt about the appearance of its insulation part, qualified insulation test shall be carried out before use. Front-line production workers as power supply stations should correctly use safety equipment to ensure that there is no accident caused by improper use of safety equipment.

Access control:

Most of the traditional power supply bureau adopt mechanical locks. Traditional locks cannot confirm the identity of the operator, and the working process cannot be tracked. In addition, the number and variety of meter boxes are too numerous to manage. The maintenance of power supply equipment is not in place, and major accidents cannot be held accountable. Intelligent lock system perfectly solves this problem, the traditional mechanical lock renovation and upgrade into intelligent electronic locks, unified authorization by informatization, to protect assets, supervision, personnel, and maintain records for the query of the Internet of the things application system, the application of different occasions to adapt to all kinds of door, achieve the goal of unattended, ensure the normal operation of power supply bureau.

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