How to Strengthen Access Control on Campus?

The safety of colleges and universities is the focus of attention of students, faculty and staff, parents, and all sectors of society. From personal safety to prevent attacks and robberies to property protection to prevent theft, college campuses face diverse security requirements.

Therefore, the campus needs to keep classrooms, offices, material warehouses, and other rooms locked when not in use. However, traditional mechanical locks and keys are commonly used in campus areas, which lack effective control. In addition, it is very difficult to manage a large number of keys, and it is common for keys to be lost. Whenever you lose your key, you need to re-key the classroom door. It should be noted that the key can be easily copied just by using photos and a 3D printer.

Therefore, universities should adopt more modern and smarter management methods for such problems. The emergence of passive electronic locks perfectly replaces traditional mechanical locks and has higher management and safety.

The advantage of using this type of access control system on a university campus is that it provides flexibility for administrators. The passive electronic lock system can freely set user unlocking permissions according to management requirements, and specify when and where users can unlock. For example, students and faculty members can enter locked buildings or specific rooms only when authorized. At the same time, you can clearly see each unlock record in the software, including unlocking personnel, unlocking time, lock status, etc. It is convenient for managers to assess management and accountability for accidents.

It is also very convenient to retrofit for large-scale campus applications. Passive electronic locks all adopt various standard sizes, so you only need to replace the original mechanical lock cylinder with a passive electronic lock cylinder of the corresponding size during transformation. No wiring is required and construction is simple.

The passive electronic lock body integrates a miniature electronic single-chip microcomputer, which cannot be copied. There are only two metal contacts on the lock surface and no mechanical holes, thus preventing the malicious prying of the lock by others.

At the same time, security patrols need to be strengthened. Patrol personnel should patrol the entire campus every day and from time to time every week. Strengthen patrols and increase the number of patrols according to important periods and key areas, earnestly perform work duties, to ensure campus safety.

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