How to solve the Power Network Access Control?

Industry Status

1. There are various kinds of distribution cabinets for outdoor, the protection level of the lock is not high and the key management is not effective.
2. The safety awareness of the distribution network operators is not strong, and the on-site operations are numerous and miscellaneous, which is prone to misuse.
3. The inspection of power equipment relies on manual completion, and there is no record for inspection of the cabinet. The completion rate cannot be guaranteed.
4. There are multiple applications in the system, and maintenance management cannot be traced back.
5. The equipment usage environment is complex, so the resource use and maintenance management cannot be effectively and transparent.

How to Solve?

1. The door lock should have an electronic lock cylinder as a high-security guarantee.
2. Electronic lock cylinder requires administrator to control, record usage and door status.
3. The electronic key can be centrally monitored, tracked, and managed through intelligent access control.
4. Mobile phone remote request authorization via Bluetooth.

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