How to Solve the Hidden Dangers of Real Estate Companies?

Century 21 Real Estate has multiple locations for managing real estate companies, and 11 locations for managing real estate companies across the city. Century 21 involves many businesses: house leasing, house buying and selling, mortgage agency, etc. These activities may make real estate security difficult to expand.

Real Estate Companies

Before using Vanma smart lock, Century 21 encountered many problems:

  1. It is extremely difficult to grant access rights. In the past, the company used traditional mechanical keys. Every time a non-institution member visited, he had to copy a key to him. The manager used to copy 30 keys in a week. It not only caused a waste of resources, but also caused a safety hazard.
  2. No cell phone. Most brokers do not have smartphones, that is to say, when companies choose to upgrade their security systems, they need to be careful not to use mobile phone software as much as possible.

In the end, they chose the Vanma smart lock management system.

  1. Flexible authorization: The manager can flexibly grant key authority according to the identity of non-institution members. When the non-institution member finishes the visit, the manager can take the key back and empty it, recycle it, and save resources.
  2. Encrypted communication: Encrypted communication is used between the Vanma smart lock and the key, which cannot be copied, and there will be no security loopholes.
  3. Operating habits. The operating habits of Vanma smart locks are the same as those of ordinary mechanical locks. Only the key is needed to unlock, no mobile phone is needed, and it is easy to operate.

In addition, Vanma smart lock also has the following functions:

  • Stainless steel material: Vanma’s padlocks are made of stainless steel, and the protection rate reaches IP65. This allows the padlock to be used normally in rainy days.
  • One key unlocks multiple locks: Smart electronic lock unlock needs to be equipped with a special electronic key, and this one electronic key can unlock multiple electronic locks, unlock more efficiently, solve the key clutter, management difficulties. And the number of keys can be reduced from 3,000 to 1,100.
  • Blacklist: When the key is lost, a blacklist can be set in the smart lock system so that the lost key does not have any permission to unlock any lock.
  • Record Lock/Unlock Information: according to the Vanma smart lock management system, the records can be viewed, and the responsibility can be traced back to the specific employee.

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