How to Solve the Optical Network Box Access Control?


Industry Status

1. The scale of the Optical Network Unit is getting bigger and bigger, and the problem is increasing.

2. Key collection management is difficult, completely in a ‘loose’ state.

3. There is a potential safety hazard of the cabinet, and a large number of optical fiber discs are lost and destroyed.

4. The fiber network failure rate is extremely high, most of which come from optical box failure.

5. There are multiple applications in the system, and maintenance management cannot be traced back.

How to Solve?
1. The door lock should have an electronic lock cylinder as a high-security guarantee.

2. Electronic lock cylinder requires administrator to control, record usage and door status.

3. The electronic key can be centrally monitored, tracked, and managed through smart access control.

4. Mobile phone remote request authorization via Bluetooth.

Smart Lock Features

1. Not easy to manage, not safe.

2. The lock and unlock have no record and the problem cannot be traced back.

3. There are many keys, one key can unlock all lock.

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