How to Simplify the Work Process?

No matter which industry you are in, simplifying the work process is very important. This not only saves labor costs, but also saves customers’ time. This allows the company to have more energy and financial resources to improve customer satisfaction and minimize loss.

Farm SOHO is a successful case of simplifying the work process. They use Vanma smart locks to achieve seamless operation and process automation, significantly reducing staff management costs.

soho house

The process for them to create a new user is as follows:

  • Members register and create an account on the official website, select a plan, and check out
  • Send member information to the website mailbox
  • The management personnel authorize the key authority according to the information
  • The member arrives, receives his own key and uses it normally

The role of Vanma smart lock:

  1. Flexible authorization. For Farm SOHO, the division of membership levels is very important. For example, they will provide a full-service space for second-level members, and provide first-level members with a choice of entire brand floors. Therefore, it is particularly important to be able to distinguish their differences. Vanma smart lock can do this. Distinguish by granting different permissions to the key. For example, a second-level member can be authorized to open the locks on the 3rd to 5th floors, and a first-level member can be authorized to open the locks on the 6th to 10th floors.
  2. One key unlocks multiple locks. In the past, Tier 1 customers needed to carry a set of keys for unlocking, which was very inconvenient for them. When they want to open the door, they need to try all the keys in their hands, wasting time. But after using Vanma smart lock, they can open all authorized locks with one key, saving time.
  3. Blacklist function. Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function. After losing the key, there is no need to replace the new lock, just add the lost key to the blacklist. Even if you use the keys on the blacklist, you will not have the authority to open any locks.
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