How to Select a Suitable Padlock?

Before making a purchase decision, you need to consider where the padlock is used. What is the value of the asset to be locked in a shed, gate, cabinet, trailer, bicycle or other places? What size padlock?  Here are some suggestions for choosing padlocks.


1. Padlock material selection

The durability and function of padlocks made of different materials are completely different. Most padlocks on the market are made of steel and brass. In addition, there are processes or materials such as electroplating, painting and galvanizing, which are more suitable for use in harsh conditions. The selection of materials mainly depends on whether the lock body will be corroded indoors or outdoors, such as the wet seaside, or the place eroded by rain and wind sand.

Stainless steel and hardened steel are the strongest materials, and padlocks made of such materials are more difficult to be damaged, anti-collision and anti cutting. Stainless steel padlocks are the most difficult for thieves to destroy violently.

2. Function of padlock

Padlocks also have different functions. For example, padlocks used for rolling doors, bicycles, trailers, mailbox cabinets and other equipment locks have different functions. In addition, good quality is the key to determining the quality level of locks.

3. Firm lock beam

Thieves usually try to cut or saw the lock beam, so they must use a hard lock beam. Many padlocks will be equipped with protective covers. This protective measure can be divided into open and semi open types, which can protect the lock beam from damage.

4. Multiple key options

The key of the mechanical lock is easy to be lost or copied, so it is safer to use the authorization or identity system to open and close the lock. The mechanical lock usually uses the master key and the secondary key. Without the master key and the secondary key, the lock cannot be opened; Some can replace the lock cylinder, but if it is used in the industrial field, it will undoubtedly cost a lot.

Efficient Access Control Management

Vanmalock consists of three elements: electronic keys, electronic locks, and a software system.

The electronic key cannot be copied and can be programmed.

The electronic lock can withstand harsh outdoor environments and is IP68-rated.

The cloud infrastructure of the software system allows you to manage access control rights at any time, regardless of location.

It can be incorporated into almost any place where a lock can be installed, such as gates, server racks, file cabinets, meter boxes, etc. All without cables or power to the lock.

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