How to Secure Outdoor Telecom Enclosures?

Network security for telecommunication and network companies is very important. The telecommunication industry generally achieves long distance communication through broadcasting, wireless transmission, cellular phone, cable, etc. Network companies will also distribute network cables and other equipment outdoors. So most companies will spend a lot of time and money to protect their equipment from damage, then it will be necessary to place a telecom enclosure with critical connection equipment. So what are the ways to protect the security of the outside enclosures of telecom and networking companies from vandalism?

The Use of Telecom Enclosures

Telecom equipment enclosures are designed to protect remote equipment over long distances, whether outdoors or indoors, telecom enclosures protect your equipment from ice, corrosion, dust, water immersion, and many other factors. If you need to buy a telecom enclosure, you need to take a field trip to examine the conditions near the equipment you are setting up and find the risk factors that will help you pick a telecom enclosure that meets your actual conditions.

Material of Telecom Enclosures

1.Aluminum enclosure
Aluminum chassis with RF protection, can ensure that it is very durable and beautiful. But if you need to place the equipment with antennas, this is not a good choice.

2.Carbon steel enclosure
Carbon steel is a standard steel chassis enclosure. The use of a wide range of very good durability, cost-effective, coated or painted chassis to improve corrosion resistance.

3.Stainless steel enclosure
It is made of traditional steel alloy, so that the chassis is more flexible and durable. And it is a material with corrosion resistance and prevents the risk of scratching.

But because it is more expensive so it is also very difficult to customize Telecommunication equipment is not enough to rely on the protection of the chassis alone, but also requires other protective measures:
Locks and alarm systems work together to immediately know the location of intruders and facilitate faster response. Alarms are not a standard feature, but enclosure manufacturers can provide them by designing and building magnetic or mechanical door alarm contacts.

Locks can prevent the danger of accidental access to telecommunications enclosures with the simplest approach and low cost put. There are also many options in terms of locking. But due to the special nature of the security requirements of telecom cabinets and only a specific group of people can have access to open. vanma electronic key is a good choice, it retains the original locking method while placing the intelligent system in the key, and can monitor the unlocking person and unlocking time. And it has the function that one key can open multiple locks, which is more convenient for managing and tracking multiple telecommunication devices. This improves efficiency and secures the cabinet.

handle lock unlock

Nowadays, network security is a top priority, I hope this article will enable you to better protect the telecom cabinet lock.

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