How to Secure Electricity Meters?

Meter boxes are the main node of electricity delivery in everyday life, so it is critical to lock them to keep them safe from abuse and theft. Without locks on meter boxes, the cost of property damage from leakage or overuse can be high. And burglars can damage meter boxes to test the building’s occupancy and facilitate burglary operations.

Meter locks

Usually the case will be the meter’s meter housing for locking, the appearance of the security seal material is generally metal or plastic, so as to ensure that the seal and locking effectively. Regardless of the locking mechanism, its primary function is to prevent unauthorized access by preventing tampering, such as removing the meter and changing the meter’s battery.

meter box

Meter box locks

Typically meter boxes are secured by installing a padlock that can be opened with a master key. Energy companies use their padlocks, but these keys cannot be copied and used without authorization. These padlocks are subject to a system of constraints. This means that only people with access can duplicate the keys and only with the owner’s permission.

meter box security

Due to the uncertainty of the environment in which the meter lock is located, it could be in a residential mall or a deserted base station. The harsh environment in which it is located dictates that the external padlock must have some ability to resist harsh conditions without being damaged.

Vanma electronic padlocks are a new type of electronic padlock. It can be used on both meters and meter boxes.It places the system in the key and enables one key to open multiple locks through authorization. At the same time, Vanma electronic locks rely on metal contacts to transmit encrypted information and authenticate the opening of the lock, rather than on the shape of the key, so there is no illegal duplication of keys. When a key is lost, the administrator does not need to replace the lock, but instead adds the lost key to the blacklist. When a key is on the blacklist, it will not have the right to open any lock, saving the time and cost of changing locks.

Vanma electronic lock

Vanma electronic padlock protection level is IP68, which can protect the padlock from the weather to the maximum extent and ensure that the padlock is not eroded by bad weather. One of the electronic keys uses infrared sensing technology. Even if the surface of the lock is wet, it can ensure normal interaction to achieve unlocking.

All these will effectively protect your power security and escort your power resources.

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