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How to Secure Access Control in the Power Industry?

How to Secure Access Control
in the Power Industry?

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The power industry is playing an increasingly important role in our lives and there is a growing concern about its security. When David H. Cano joined PTD Co, he found that he encountered the following problems:

  1. There is dangerous equipment such as high and medium pressure, but there is no way to ensure that only authorized people can enter
  2. Keys are easily copied or lost

In addition to these two problems, PTD Co also suffers from problems common to the power industry:

  1. Equipment is located in the countryside and requires a high level of waterproofing for the locks
  2. The facility is vulnerable to theft and vandalism
equipment in power industry

Vanma Access Control Solutions

1. Flexible Authorization and Audit Function

When someone unfamiliar with the equipment enters a hazardous area, such as high or medium-voltage equipment, it can be life-threatening.

The Vanma electronic lock system allows flexible authorization, granting different permissions to employees and third-party contractors depending on their functions.

But authorization is not enough, because an employee may lend the key to someone else. Traditional mechanical keys cannot tell who has unlocked the lock, but Vanma electronic keys can. Once the employee uploads the data to the computer, David can view the lock records from anywhere, find the corresponding employee, and ask for a reason.

“These two features are really great and help me trace the source very well, which takes a heavy workload off me,” David said.


2. Prevent Keys from Being Copied

The key can be copied because PTD Co previously used mechanical locks that they unlocked by authenticating the shape of the key.

Vanma electronic lock does not have a keyhole, and the key and lock are transmitted by AES encryption, so even if the shape of the key is copied, the lock cannot be unlocked.

Besides, Vanma’s electronic lock system has a blacklist function. When a key is lost, it can be blacklisted immediately. The key in the blacklist will have no authority to unlock any lock, which guarantees the security of the device.

smart padlock with key

3. Stainless Steel Lock Body

Vanma electronic lock is made of stainless steel, not easy to rust. And it has the highest protection level of IP68, which can effectively resist the hazards brought by natural weather.

padlock mix

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