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How to Replace A Door Lock?

Replacing locks might seem like a hassle, but it’s inevitable. Whether you’ve parted ways with your roommate, lost your keys, or your house was broken into, it’s a good idea to change your locks proactively. Only then can you control who can access your home.

In most cases, door locks can be replaced by yourself, and you don’t necessarily have to call a locksmith. And in the process of replacing it yourself, you won’t have any problems.

How do I replace the door lock by myself?

1. Measure the size

To replace the lock, you first need to purchase a suitable lock cylinder. This requires three pieces of data: the diameter of the keyhole, the distance from the center of the drilled hole to the edge of the door, and the diameter of the drilled hole. When you get these data, you can use them to choose a new lock. If there was a lock on the door before, you will need to remove the lock before taking the measurement.

If you accidentally buy the wrong size, then you’ll need to re-buy or re-drill the door.

Measure the size

2. Find a new lock that fit the door

The easiest way to find a new lock is to buy the same brand. But if that’s not possible, locks of the same size are fine. You can ask the seller with your measured data, and they will usually help you make a choice.

3. Insert new bolts

Once you’ve purchased your lock, the next steps are very simple. The first thing you need to do is slide the bolts into place from the outside edge of the door. When it is in the center of the drilled hole, the mounting plate can be fastened with the screws provided with the lock.

Insert new bolts

4. Connect the interior and exterior panels

There are also two long screws included with the purchase of the lock, which is used to connect the interior and exterior plates. Make sure the lock cylinder is attached correctly to the deadbolt before tightening. Once confirmed, you can use a Phillips or flat head to tighten the lock.

5. Attach the decorative plate

If your lock has a decorative base plate, then you can install it after installing the cylinder.

Attach the decorative plate

6. Test

After doing the above, you can test the new lock. For the first test, do not close the door, but test with the door open. This avoids the situation where the door cannot be opened due to the wrong installation of the lock.

When the test is normal in the open state, the door can be closed for the test. Of course, it is best to ensure that there are people inside and outside the house during the test, which is also to avoid accidents.

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