How to Protect the Security of the Smart Office?

The focus of a smart office is “smart”. For people nowadays, intelligence means less labor and a shorter time to walk through the process. Before using the Vanma smart lock management system, the smart office tried another access control system, but encountered many insurmountable difficulties:

  1. Members often lose their access control cards and cannot report the loss, causing potential safety hazards.
  2. Unable to classify membership levels.
Smart Office

Vanma's solution:

  • Blacklist: After the key is lost, the manager can set it in the Vanma smart lock management system. The key added to the blacklist will not have the authority to unlock any locks. In this way, the safety of the smart office is ensured, and no safety hazard will be caused.
  • Authority management: The smart office has a membership level system, and the meeting rooms that members of different levels can enter are different. Vanma smart lock management system can distinguish them. For example, ordinary members can only have the authority to open 6 meeting rooms, but VIPs can enter all meeting rooms, and employees can unlock all locks.
  • Appointment function: The smart office has its own appointment system, and people can make an appointment for tomorrow’s time in the system. What the administrator needs to do is to distribute permissions to members according to the reservation system every night. On the second day, members can unlock the lock of the meeting room within their scheduled time period.

How many access levels do they have?

The membership of Smart Office has three levels: hot desk, private deck, and private office. In addition, managers also need to provide access control permissions for contractors, landlords, cleaners, and security teams in the building. Each identity has its own access schedule, and Vanma smart lock management system can manage all this well

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