How to Protect the Safety of Watch Store?

A watch is needed by almost everyone because it can not only be used as an ornament but also can remind us of the time. The price of watches also spans a wide range, from a few dollars to tens of millions of dollars. The more expensive watches are, the more they need protection. Because thieves like to steal such things.

Watch store

For a watch store, an essential part is key management but is often expensive to maintain. Vanma smart lock system is a unique solution that provides simple and secure key management.

Vanma smart lock system is consist of three parts: passive electronic lock, smart lock, and smart lock management system. These elements can solve security problems for almost all watch shops and even retail stores.

Then, what are the advantages of the Vanma smart lock system?
1. Record Lock/Unlock Information: The key will record the information. According to the Vanma smart lock management system, the records can be viewed. Each record will display the time and the name of the key.
2. Flexible Authorization: Each key can be authorized by the software, allowing the key to unlocking which lock, or what period to unlock, convenient for management. The permission is granted only on the employee’s working day, and the lock cannot be opened at other times.
3. Use existing hardware: The smart key provides all power to the lock. The owner doesn’t need any wiring or power supply. Just remove the original lock and install the Vanma lock.
4. Blacklist: When the key is lost, a blacklist can be set in the smart lock system so that the lost key does not have any permission to unlock any lock.
5. One key unlocks multiple locks: Smart electronic lock unlock needs to be equipped with a special electronic key, and this one electronic key can unlock multiple electronic locks, unlock more efficiently, solve the key clutter, management difficulties. And the number of keys can be reduced from 15 to 1.

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