How to Protect the Safety of the Yoga Studio?

Yoga can enhance the body’s strength and body elasticity, so that the body’s limbs develop in a balanced manner. In addition, yoga can prevent and treat various physical and mental related diseases, such as grief, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, etc. It can not only improve blood circulation, but also decompress and nourish the heart. Therefore, yoga is becoming more and more popular with everyone, and there are more and more yoga studios.

yoga studio

But running a yoga studio is not an easy task, and the operator needs to face many problems.

  1. Administrators cannot set access permissions
  2. There are always students who are late and interrupt the teacher’s lecture process
  3. Need to hire an extra front desk staff to entertain students or substitute teachers

After using the Vanma smart lock, these problems were quickly resolved. The manager uses a fingerprint smart key and assigns one to each classroom. Students attending classes in the corresponding classrooms need to enter their fingerprints into the key, and before the class, use the Vanma smart fingerprint key to unlock and enter the classroom.

Problems solved by Vanma:

Permission granted. In the Vanma smart lock system, the administrator can set the unlocking authority. For example, the key A can only unlock the classroom A. If the administrator grants the highest authority to key A, it can unlock all locks.

This also solves the problem of interrupting teachers in class after students are late. The administrator can set the permission of the key to be turned on 5 minutes before the class. After 5 minutes, students will not be able to enter the classroom. Teachers no longer need to worry about being disturbed during class.

With the Vanma smart lock system, the yoga studio also does not need front desk staff, saving managers a sum of money.

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