How to Protect the Safety of The Water Authority?

Most of the reservoirs are located in remote areas, and some facilities can access portable water, so it is very important to protect the safety of the site. But water facilities are notoriously difficult to secure due to the complexity, with various locking points. Perimeter gates, external cabinets, chemical storage buildings, various hatches, and covers all requiring either high-security padlocks or cam locks.

Water Authority

The water authority has the following problems:

  1. The use time of the lock is not long. Because the lock has been in a harsh environment for a long time, it is easy to rust and cannot be used.
  2. Permission assignment. In order to facilitate the construction, the manager usually hands over most of the keys to the subcontractors, so that the subcontractors have many rights and pose safety risks.
  3. Too many keys and easy to lose. Every employee needs to carry multiple keys, which is inconvenient. And when the key is lost, it cannot be found in time, causing safety hazards. In addition, if a key is lost, the lock and the keys of all employees need to be replaced, which is a waste of money.


  • The lock body of the Vanma is made of stainless steel, and the protection level reaches IP68. It can work normally even in harsh environments. And Vanma introduced an upgraded version of the padlock: the shrouded padlock, which is more durable.
  • Flexible authorization, for example: set the key that can unlock which locks, and when to unlock. The manager can assign authorization to subcontractors during their working time. Otherwise, they cannot unlock any locks.
  • Each employee only needs to carry one key. After the administrator sets in the Vanma smart lock system, this key can unlock corresponding locks. Which saving employees time to find the key. In addition, once the key is lost, the administrator can set a blacklist in the system to quickly cancel the authority of the key.
  • Record information: Managers can view the unlocking records of employees or subcontractors in the system. When problems occur, managers can hold accountable based on records.

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