How to Protect the Safety of the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is a well-known international organization dedicated to helping people facing natural disasters, conflicts, and medical and social problems.
There is a Red Cross Association in a certain area of Germany. The entire regional association currently has 460 employees, and the members of the association are 14 local associations and communities. In addition to the employees who are working, there are approximately 1,300 supporting members who regularly support the association.

In the past, the offices of the Red Cross Regional Association were equipped with mechanical locks. The people in charge at that time could only carry a bunch of keys, which was inconvenient.
In addition, there is a typical problem of mechanical locks: if the key is lost, both the key and lock need to be replaced, which increases costs.
And in the warehouse, the local association stored some materials and employee data, and the manager hopes to see who entered the warehouse or data room at what time. For these reasons, the local association decided to introduce the Vanma smart lock system.

Functions of Vanma Smart Lock:

  1. One key to unlocking multiple locks: Administrators can set permissions in the Vanma smart lock system. When the key is granted permission, the people in charge only needs to take one key instead of a large set of keys, which is more convenient.
  2. Blacklist function: When the key is lost, the people in charge can add the lost key to the blacklist in the system. Then the key will not have the unlocking function. Even if the lost key is a master key, it will not cause any safety hazards. The people in charge need to buy a new Vanma key instead of replacing the entire lock.
  3. Audit accountability: Vanma smart locks can be traced back to which employees entered which warehouse or which door at when. This mind immediately alleviating the burden on all unaffected employees and enhancing the degree of trust in blocking.

“It’s really convenient. It solves the trouble of replacing the entire set of locks when we lose the key. It also has a traceability function. I can check who opened the lock and when, which helps to implement the accountability system. Others Employees will not be implicated.”

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