How to Protect the Safety of the Factory in Remote Areas?

Caris is a factory specializing in the production of reels. They have 21 business locations and a total of 750 employees. Before using Vanma smart lock, they encountered the following difficulties:

  • Does not know whether the door is locked. Security analysts are located in the headquarters. They can only see the location of the lock, but cannot know the status of the lock. This is dangerous for them. Once the door is unlocked, the goods of the warehouse will be stolen, which will cause huge losses to the company.
  • User experience. Before using Vanma smart locks, they could not allow employees to enter the factory without obstacles. They had to apply for a key when they want to enter the factory, which was a cumbersome process.
  • Installation problems. Before using the Vanma smart lock, they considered the traditional smart lock, but because the factory is located in the suburbs, the electrician skills are limited and it is impossible to install machines with complex circuits.

After using the Vanma smart lock, all the problems are solved.

  • Passive electronic locks. The installation process of the Vanma smart lock is the same as that of a mechanical lock, no wiring is required. In other words, they only need to find a locksmith instead of an electrician, and there is no installation difficulty or failure to install.
  • Lock/Unlock record. the headquarters. The records include unlocking/locking type, time, personnel, etc., at a glance.
  • Flexible authorization. Administrators can easily authorize users. The factory uses a fingerprint smart key. Employees who have fingerprints in the key can enter the factory at any time, which solves the problem of irrelevant personnel entering the factory.

In addition, the Caris factory has also done some integration work for the Vanma smart lock. They installed a key box on the wall of the factory door and put the fingerprint key in the key box. The employee needs to enter the password, open the key box, perform fingerprint authentication, and then unlock the lock. And around the key box: Please put the key back in the key box after using it. This greatly reduces the number of keys and saves costs.

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