How to Protect the Safety of the Club?

This club was established in 2010 as a combined storage facility and DIY shop for amateur racers and car enthusiasts. But it is not only a store, but also provides 24/7 service, lounge, meeting room, elevator, DIY area, etc. for members.

Before using the Vanma smart lock, the club’s security system was upgraded many times. They initially used mechanical locks, which was a nightmare for the administration. The second type of access control system they use is a password lock. They will tell the members the password, but then they discovered that the password lock also has many drawbacks. Their third upgrade is to use a key card.

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These three methods have their own shortcomings. When using mechanical locks and key cards, the unavoidable thing is the loss or copy of the keys. Members will always forget the keys at home. Although the key card will not be easily copied, it takes a while to set up the key card, and members often have to wait half an hour or even longer.

All three types of access control systems have the same disadvantage: there is no guarantee that everyone who enters the club is a member. Members can easily lend the key to others, or even copy a key to transfer to others; password lock is more convenient, members only need to tell other people the password. This has had a very bad effect on the club. People who did not sign any proper documents entered the factory and caused dissatisfaction with other members because it might pose a threat to their cars.

Vanma smart lock solves these problems.

  1. Fingerprint Smart Key: This club uses a fingerprint smart key, which requires online verification of fingerprints before unlocking. Even if this member lends the key to someone else, he cannot open the door lock. This solves the trouble of the club entering the factory without signing any proper documents.
  2. Simple setting: Setting the key of Vanma smart lock is very simple, the whole process only takes 3-5 minutes, and members don’t need to wait for half an hour.
  3. Flexible authorization: In addition to members, cleaners, suppliers, etc. will enter and exit the club, and managers can set access permissions based on their service hours.

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