How to Protect the Safety of Sorority House?

The International Women’s Association has 140 active chapters, including more than 180,000 members. This sorority is distributed in various schools, one of which is located at Lincoln Campus. The branch was established in October 1911 and is the 16th branch established in the organization. As all those who live in the clubhouse are highly skilled college students, the security system of the clubhouse must have the latest technology.

Sorority House


After completing a major project to redesign the historic Sorority House, the company’s board of directors of the Sorority Branch began seeking to upgrade the access control device. The chairman of the company’s board of directors said that they are looking for a reliable and easy-to-manage solution. But since in 2015, all bedroom’s upstairs were painted and carpeted, in order not to damage the previous decoration, the board hopes that the new access control system does not require additional infrastructure investment, such as servers or other network equipment.

Due to the large number of visitors moving in and out during the social activities where the sorority is located, the board of directors hopes to see who has entered the house every time. Or the ability to set a timer would be a good feature. Combining the above requirements, the directors of the Association decided to adopt the Vanma smart lock management system.

Vanma smart lock solution:

  1. No additional infrastructure investment is required. Vanma smart locks are passive electronic locks that do not require additional wiring during installation, do not need to connect to the network when unlocking, and do not require any additional infrastructure investment. The power is concentrated in the key. When there is no electricity, only the key needs to be charged without removing the lock.
  2. Record lock/unlock information. Managers can view the records through the Vanma smart lock management system. Therefore, whether the person unlocking the lock is a visitor or a property employee, it can be found through the management system.
  3. Flexible authorization. Each key can be authorized by the software, allowing the key to unlocking which lock, or what period to unlock, convenient for management. If outside the authorized time, the key cannot be unlocked even if you have the key in time.

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